Neuro-Linguistic Programming Courses


What is Neuro Lingustic Programming (NLP)?

NLP is a communications model based on the study of excellence and the ability to copy and reproduce it.  It is a very practical and effective system that is more interested in real results than psychological theory.   It was started in the 70’s by Richard Bandler and John Grinder and although they may both be brilliant in many areas and the name does describe what it does, clearly a catchy title for marketing was not high on their list when naming this fascinating system.

Who can benefit?

NLP can be used in absolutely every area of life by anyone for their benefit and the benefit of others.  Who would not benefit through greater rapport with others, better communication privately and  publicly, increased personal congruency, being able to choose their state, having more choices of behaviour, more choice of response meaning freedom from unwanted behaviours or responses and greater overall wellbeing?

What does it do?

NLP is a model about change and how people can get more of the results they want.  It is about respecting peoples model of the world and offering them more choice in their lives.  This might be in terms of helping you to be healthy, succeed at work, find a rewarding relationship or better personal alignment and congruency.  It identifies ways in which language programmes the brain and affects much of what we create in our lives.  It challenges us to explore our beliefs about ourselves and the world and where appropriate teaches ways to change them for the better.  It offers the opportunity for people to review and influence their past so that it becomes an incredibly powerful tool to help them now and in the future.

How does it do this?

NLP has a range of techniques that can be used to set achievable goals, build self esteem, affect our well-being and inner peace and be more in touch with ourselves.  It taps into probably our most amazing, yet underused asset, our unconscious.  You learn how to communicate with yourself and others on a level you have probably rarely experienced.  If we can understand  how our body takes in information, codes it, transforms it and responds to it, we can modify the code and therefore choose our response.

What can it do for me?

Greater awareness of self, and the resources you have available.  Ways to use your own brain and language to bring about change and influence others.  An ability to get into rapport with just about anyone, quickly and effectively, when you chose to.   An ability to really understand what people are saying and how they are creating their own results.  An ability to choice your state (emotion, feelings, attitude) in any circumstance.  An understanding of your own values in different areas of your life.  An understanding of the areas where you have inner conflict and the ability to resolve the conflict.  An ability to achieve high performance states in yourself and others whenever you want.  The opportunity to communicate effectively with others enabling them to bring about lasting change in their lives.

What you will learn

– Discover and understand the mind body connection

– Learn the importance of being at cause

– Learn to set well formed and achievable goals for yourself and others

– How to set up sessions

– How to ensure great results

– How to assess progress

– Setting good boundaries

– Learn the key indicators of rapport using sensory acuity

– How to get into instant rapport by matching and mirroring physiology

– How to get into rapport using language

– How to get into rapport using your voice and auditory skills – so important on the telephone

– How to pace and lead

– Learn a variety of reframes that will allow you to handle objections and statements effectively and effortlessly

– Learn how to offer people a whole new perspective in seconds

–  Learn how to effectively communicate consciously and unconsciously to anyone through the effective use of language

– Learn how to use the ambiguity of the Milton Model or get specific in your language and questioning skills with the Meta Model

– Discover how to use metaphors to communicate at the unconscious level

– Sensory acuity is the ability to be acutely aware of the detail in front of you, for example: mouth turned up or down, changes in skin tone, where the client is breathing from or changes in breathing.

– Understanding how to develop your sensory acuity so you see what’s really going on in others

–  How the world is represented inside the mind

– Understanding Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic representational systems

– Learn how to use and match language predicates to increase the effectiveness of your communication

– How to use submodalities to change your behaviour, habit or state by changing your internal representation, includes swish patterns

– Learn the vital keys to anchoring

– How to build personal resource anchors to change your state at any time

– How to collapse anchors to rid ourselves of un-resourceful states or emotions.

– Find out how we use strategies and how we can change them to be more useful and effective

– Understand eye patterns and how to use them to discover how a person thinks and to elicit strategies

– Learn parts integration to eliminate internal conflict

– Create greater alignment in your life

– How to use the past to positively effect your future

– How to free people from unwanted negative emotions

– How to change limiting decisions of the past

– How to select your future