"Andy is a passionate, knowledgeable & inspirational trainer"

I have come a long way in developing the best ways to release everyones potential and I am ready to help you, your employees and your organisation achieve their goals.

My Previous Life

Royal Air Force

I spent 28 years in the Royal Air Force and I am very grateful for the opportunities and life it gave me.

I spent most of my years as an engineer, working my way through the ranks, but found my real passion in the last 10 years as a trainer/instructor which included developing and running a training school.

It was here I really found the joy in recognising potential, successfully training people and helping them to achieve their individual goals.

It was also a great opportunity to study and learn about the positive, and sometimes negative, impact of different peoples varied leadership, management, coaching and mentoring styles.

After 10 years I decided it was time to indulge my passion for teaching and start a training company to share my knowledge and experience to help others in their growth and goals.

Andy facilitates learning in a way that makes you want to try harder and learn more.

The how and why?

Over the last 13 years of running the company I have been able to hone the courses delivered and develop new courses as required.  I am of the firm opinion that coaching and mentoring are key to an organisations success and also vital skills for all leaders and managers.


Some may be born with leadership ability, but good leadership and management needs to be taught so that a range of styles and techniques can be used to fit every occasion.  I understand that successful learning should be engaging, interesting and fun for all concerned.  All the courses we deliver are interactive with contributions from clients encouraged as everyone that attends training has different experiences and can therefore contribute for the good of the whole course. 

Time spent enjoying good training will always reap benefits for the individual and the organisation.  The financial investment will have the potential to be returned many times over through efficiency, effectiveness and fresh ideas with the added bonus of better recruitment and retention as staff feel more valued and respected.


Today the company has successfully trained and helped support the growth, development and happiness of tens of thousands of individuals and companies.


I love my job and look forward to helping you love yours.


Enlightening, informative, constructive, well structured and dynamic and catered for all the diverse needs of the group. Thoroughly enjoyed every aspect. The course was made by Andy’s wonderful attitude, flexibility, knowledge and ability as an instructor.


There was nothing that Andy could have done better. The courses are well organised, and the students thoroughly enjoy and find them hugely beneficial as shown through evaluation forms and results in the workplace. His interaction and delivery are outstanding. The course material is also first class.


Very positive attitude from Andy and excellent content


Andy’s approach to teaching is first rate. Andy has a talent to make you feel at ease, by including wit and humour and explaining the topic with a profound take away effect, through clever use of metaphor and analogy.


Andy facilitated the learning brilliantly. His explanations were unpatronising, clear and fun. He was definitely the grease in the machine, helping whenever the machine looked like it might grind to a halt. Andy facilitates learning in a way that makes you want to try harder and learn more.


Andy you are a great trainer I feel that you helped me to improve


Andy was an trainer at my Master Practitioner course as well as head of trainer’s assistants when I was assisting a recent Practitioner course. His friendliness and openness draws people in. His approach is very smooth, his feedback is truly valuable. He truly cares for the development of others.


Andys training style was a beautiful thing, he calibrated us well and lead us through without hesitation, he dealt with us being a rowdy heckling group without losing his calm, generous demeanour. During the course I always felt I could ask him questions, and always learnt from his replies.


Andy is a passionate, knowledgeable and inspirational trainer. The course vastly exceeded my expectations.


Andy is a very inspirational trainer. He is not only highly skilled, his grounding in leadership and management makes him a well suited teacher for tools that enhance leadership. His style is fun and that makes learning very conducive. I recommend him with confidence.